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Woofs and Walkies is a Hungarian Vizsla specialist Doggie Day-care service based in Surrey, we offer fun, interactive Doggie Day-care for Hungarian Vizslas in times when you are unable to do it. We understand that your dog is a member of your family, but due to other commitments its not always feasible to give them the walks that they need.

We have dedicated our love and passion to Hungarian Vizslas and we understand what a unique breed they are, with their second name being a velcro dog we know how hard it is for them when you have to go out, and we also know how much they love playing and interacting with other Ginger Ninjas so Woofs and Walkies is the perfect enviroment for them to do this and not worry about being alone.

The day for your Vizsla is lots of fun, social interaction with other dogs, fun activities, long country walks and constant care and attention so your dog comes home content and tired.

At Woofs and Walkies we feel that safety is paramount which is why throughout the day we work on basic training with all the Vizslas, however if you are expereinceing any issues we can work on those too whilst they are with us. All of our training is done through positive reinforcement and we ignore the negative. The dogs find it fun and rewarding as do we as we have had many dogs come in with bad habits and due to us working with them we have managed to stop this, that leaves us with content dog and happy owner.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your requirements.

Woofs and Walkies Ltd
07756 926994